De Saude Attorneys’ offering includes specialist South African immigration and citizenship services, as well as advising on Lithuanian nationality law.

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South African Immigration

Our team of immigration experts work with clients in formulating effective immigration strategies, including advising on, preparing, filing and tracking applications for visas and permits.

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South African Citizenship

We advise on all aspect of South African Citizenship, helping clients determine their right to citizenship and filing the necessary applications.

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Lithuanian Citizenship

Persons who were citizens of the Republic of Lithuania between 1919 and 1990, as well as their descents within three generations, who lost their citizenship due to naturalisation in a foreign country, are eligible to apply for reinstatement of citizenship. We assist clients throughout this process.

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Other Services

Our comprehensive service offering includes counsel on matters of conveyancing and property law, and corporate and commercial law. Our financial advisory services are tailored to assist foreigners in every aspect of their financial planning in South Africa.

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