Permanent residence permits

There are 11 categories in which a Permanent residence permits may be issued and these include, holders of work visas, spouses of South Africans, children of South Africans, investors, critically skilled individuals, retirees, refugees, net worth applicants and relatives of South Africans

In order to apply on the basis of holding a work visa, the application must prove that he or she has held a work visa for a period of 5 or more years and who has received a permanent offer of employment.

Foreigners how have been espoused to South Africans for 5 years also qualify for permanent residence on the basis of their spousal relationship/life partnership.

Applicants applying on the basis of extraordinary (or critical) skills or qualifications must prove that they qualify in one the of the critical skills categories provided for on the Critical Skills List and providing at least 5 years’ post-qualification experience. The application for permanent residence can extend to include the immediate family members of the work visa holder/main applicant.

Foreigners who intend to establish or invest in or who has established or invested in a business in South Africa, and the immediate family members of such foreigner, may apply for permanent residence on the basis of such intention/investment.

Foreigners who are able to demonstrate that they have:

  1. The right to a pension or an irrevocable annuity or retirement account which will give to such foreigner a prescribed minimum payment for the rest of his or her life from his or her country of origin; or
  2. Has the right to a combination of assets.

May apply for permanent residence on the aforesaid basis.

A foreigner with a prescribed net worth may also apply for permanent residence on the basis of such net worth.

A refugee in possession of a letter issued by the Standing Committee confirming that such refugee will remain a refugee indefinitely may apply for permanent residence.

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