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South African Immigration

Our specialised immigration services assist both foreigners and employers in successfully managing all aspects of South African immigration policies and legislation.

We assist clients to obtain the correct visa/permit for their specific needs and to ensure a hassle-free process in applying for any and acquiring same. Visas/permits available to foreigners include:

In addition to the aforementioned, our highly competent team work with clients in resolving any of the following:

Declaration of undesirability

Imposed on foreigners who overstay the validity of their visas in South Africa. We assist affected persons with their applications to the Minister of Home Affairs to waive the grounds of undesirability enabling them to return to/acquire a new visa to South Africa.

Prohibited persons

Prohibited persons are foreigners who do not qualify for visas/permits to enter or live in South Africa. We assist clients with their applications to the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs for declarations confirming that they are not/no longer prohibited persons.

Regulatory waivers/exemptions

Waivers allow for the surrender or relinquishment of a regulatory requirement. This means that companies or individuals may, for good cause, be exempt from certain regulatory requirements. We assist clients in these regulatory waiver/exemption applications.

Illegal status

Foreigners who are in South Africa in contravention of the Immigration Act are deemed illegal and the law mandates that they depart South Africa unless authorised to remain in South Africa. We assist clients in their applications for authorisation to remain in South Africa together with permission to submit an application for a status while in South Africa, as well as with their applications for “a status”.

Appeals and Litigation

Any adverse decision taken against your application can be appealed/reviewed. We assist clients in their administrative review or appeal applications to secure a successful/lawful outcome.

In the event that all possible remedies have been exhausted, litigation may be recommended or deemed necessary. This is where a competent court will be approached for assistance in resolving the matter at hand.